Know the Source!!!

We believe one of the key indicators of quality in a pre-owned car is where it comes from. Whether it’s a Honda, Kia, Lexus, BMW or Porsche knowing a car’s source can offer lots of insight into its current condition and history. You can find good cars from a bad source, however, it’s gambling for those that don’t know what they’re looking for.

While searching for your next car, be sure to ask where the current owner or dealership purchased the car from. Vehicles will likely be in much better mechanical and cosmetic condition if purchased from a reputable source such as a manufacturers financial services company (off lease from Honda, BMW etc..), on trade for a NEW vehicle (trade in’s on pre-owned can be hit or miss) or privately owned for years prior to being advertised for sale.

Flynn Automotive works to buy cars from reputable sources such as BMW and Honda Financial Services, locally owned trade in’s and other trusted sources.

Dealers may not always offer up the truth about their cars previous history and say something along the lines of “we bought it at auction” or more vague “we source all of our cars from XYZ”. Find out the specific source of the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing.

There are many other important factors in the quality of a pre-owned car, however, this detail can potentially shed light on negative history of the car you’re looking at.

Know the source!